About Barstaff & Bartenderbolaget

Sweden Barmanagement AB was founded with love for the bartender business. After many years of learning it’s our turn to give back to this business and let it grow into something great. With Bartenderbolaget (education) & Barstaff (recruitment) under the same roof our goal is to make everything easier for you as a bartender or employer to do what you do best.

We match job applicants with employers within the bartender business and offer you a broad spectrum of choice through our network of bartenders.

About Barstaff

Barstaff is founded with passion for the bar business. All of us who work within the business know that many job opportunities exist, but when you’re looking for a job or an employee it’s hard to know what way to choose. Our idea is very simple – we want to be the venue for bars, events and fairs where employers can add their job advertisments and broaden their choices in our newtork with thousands of qualified bartenders.

With our service, you’ll increase your chances of finding a great bartender that suits your business. You’ll also save precious time that you can spend on doing what you do best – running your business.

Om Bartenderbolaget

Do you want to better your qualifications or bartender skills? Bartenderbolaget is Swedens most sophisticated bartender education with courses suited just for you. Visit www.bartenderbolaget.se och have a look at our courser and offers:

  • Bartender foundation course
  • Advanced course step 2

Enter barstaff as a discount code when you book a course and get a 500kr discount today!